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About us...
Who is
Why Fire District?

We are a small (one square mile) fire district in southwestern Arizona.
Our department consists of two structural engines, a rescue truck, one set of extrication tools,
and a mixed group of veteran and rookie firefighters.
   One of our members is a state certified Fire Instructor.  We currently conduct weekly trainings/meetings, held on Monday evenings, and when we can get together, we have Saturday training.

We have an ISO (Insurance Service Organization) rating of 6/9, which we were able to improve from a 7/9 since our last inspection.  We still have a few areas that are more than 1000 feet from the nearest hydrant, but our local utility  company is working on a grant to try and replace old lines with new and larger lines.  

Where is
Why Fire District?

We are approximately 130 miles south of Phoenix; 120 miles west of Tucson; and 30 miles
from the U.S./Mexico border.

We are located at the intersection of Arizona State Routes 85 and 86.  Hwy 85 is the north-south highway that starts just west of the Metropolitan Phoenix area, and extends south to the US/Mexico border.  Hwy 86 is an east-west highway which crosses the Tohono O'odham Nation between
Tucson and Why.  Week-ends, holidays, and the summer months are busy on both of these
highways due to the number of people going to Puerto Penasco, Mexico.  

Our summer (monsoon) rains often cause flooding and the potential for swift-water incidents. There have been a number of incidents involving fuel trucks within 20 miles of our district. We have a large number of winter visitors (and their Recreational Vehicles) in our area between the months of October and April.

What are the capabilities of
Why Fire District?

        Being a small department with a limited number of personnel, Why Fire District is not an EMS (Emergency Medical Services) department, but we do have some people trained in emergency medical procedures.  All of our firefighters have been trained and certified in Basic First-Aid, CPR, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Automated External Defibrillator.

We respond to structural, brush, vehicle, and trash fires;     
motor vehicle accidents;
Bee attacks;
and any other emergency that might require our assistance.